Last updated January 1, 2003.

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Hagen Family Genealogy

There is lotsa Daughtrey/Doughtie (Nansemond Co.,VA)
Hagen (Lancaster, PA in 1800s and earlier/ Richmond, VA by 1918) Family research here.
Also Adkins and Garretts from Danville, VA (North Carolina in 1800s).

Check out the latest research - Updated May 19, 2012!

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Check us out...if you have any family history, additions, and/or corrections, please email information to Bo Hagen.
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  • Check out some Family Pictures from the past.
  • Find Veterans from the family who served proudly in defense of their loved ones, home, community, state, and country.
  • Find a Family Birthday and keep in touch, let'em know you're thinking of the family.

  • Try a terrific site! Lotsa good Adkins history at The Adkins (et al) Family set up by James J. Adkins

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Download a copy of the Hagen Family Genealogy Web Site.


Download a copy of the .Hagen Family GedCom File-The January 2003 edition.
I will upload the lastest research in Spring 2004.