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[S1] Much of the Daughtrey genealogy was written by Emily Christine Daughtrey in the early 1900s, compiled and added to by Ethel Daughtrey Ellis and Inez Daughtrey Hagen during the mid 1900s. I (Bo Hagen) with continue research on Daughtreys and Hagens (Adkins and Garretts as well) and publish all findings for the familys of our ancesters to honor them, especialliy my mother, Inez Wilson Daughtrey Hagen and Aunt, Ethel Cornelia Daughtrey Ellis.

[S2] Mary Lou

[S3] Katy

[S4] Paul birth name was Derald Revere Hagen but his mother called him Paul...legally changed in 1955(circa) for passport.

[S5] went by TL, Losey, or T Losey, also name listed as Lozey in other, earlier documents, spelled (Mrs.) Theophelus Losy on a daughter, LeClaire's, wedding invitation.

[S6] Vital Record Social Security Records 2002

[S7] Went to Detroit in 1917. Came back to Richmond by1920(?) & lived with his Mom & Dad in Chester, VA. Moved to Winston-Salen, NC around 1924 and moved back to Richmond by 1934. Alta did not want to come back to Richmond. Alta died in 1943 from a brain anuryism. Alvah then arried Beckie (?) who thought Alvah had insurance money from Alta's death. Beckie doesn't want Alvah's children (Peggy, married to Wilton who is in WWII, Evelyn, & Betty) to live with them. Alvah & Beckie divorce, there was no money from insurance (1946?). Beckie disappeared and took the car and furniture. Alvah was devestated...his children were farmed out. Alvah tried to live with Paul and Inez...after a few weeks, it does not work out...Alvah has "problems". Alvah then goes to live with Edna Lee Gant (& her mother) but never takes back his daughters.

[S8] living 1810

[S9] 1st wife was Cornelia Octavia Wiggins Inez's wedding book indicates Cornelia Octavia Wiggins Doughtie with her mother being Christian Harrell Wiggins (Skinner) (Doughtie) married to Willis Wiggins...I suppose Cornelia's mother's maiden name was Skinner. In a letter fromn Octavia Holland, April 1973 to Ethel Daughtrey Ellis, Christian Harrell Wiggins is Cornelia A. Wiggins' mother. Research from Bobby Jones from Edenenton, N.C. and Nansemond Co. Court House. The Virginia Census for 1860, Nansemond Co. Page 639, indicates a household of John H. Doughtie (age 27, born in N.C.), Christian Doughtie (33), Ann M. Wiggins (14), and Cornelia Wiggins (12) and Margaret Byrd (67). I suspect this Margaret Byrd is Christian's mother (Cornelia's Grandmother). Checking B.R.'s 2nd wife, Etta appears to have the same Grandmother, Margaret Harrell Savage married to a Dempsy Byrd. This is probably why Inez's wedding book lists Cornelia's mother as Christian Harrell Wiggins with Skinner and Doughtie is ( ) . 2nd wife was Etta Miltiere (1st cousin of Cornelia) according to family notes.

[S10] Carroll

[S11] killed at Battle of 2nd Manasas

[S12] He owned Jenkins Mill and a tract of land owned formerly by Tom Jenkins Apparently the same land owned by his Grandfather Richard Daughtrey's brother Theopilus. Theopilus' son's daughter (Harriet) married a Tom Jenkins (Jenkin's Mill). This mill/land was apparently passed or sold to Theopilus by his cousin Tom...I (Bo Hagen in Dec. 1997) am speculating and should check court records to see if this is correct.

[S14] no children

[S15] no children

[S16] had 7 children

[S17] Derald

[S18] married at Liberty Spring Christian Church by Rev. Harrison H. Butler

[S19] possibly Bathsheba or Barsheba from the Porter Family Bible

[S20] Census Census Pennsylvania, Reading, Ward 9, Berks Co. 1870 page 242

[S21] served in Medical Corps in WWII

[S22] no children

[S23] no children

[S24] no children

[S25] 2 daughters

[S26] 3 children

[S27] 1 daughter

[S28] no children

[S29] E-Mail Message Linda L. Kaser ( Research on her Hagen ancestry (David/Albert) Spring 2002-continued correspondence

[S30] mothered her young brother and sister after her mother's death, July 7, 1895. Kept house (at the peanut farm in Franklin?) for her father until his death at 92 in 1930.

[S31] not married, lived at old homeplace with sister Emily. Elmer graduated and taught at Elon College in North Carolina

[S32] we called her Aunt Ola.

[S33] has 2 sons

[S34] have 3 children

[S35] A birth date ca 1770 is estimated based in part on data from the 1800, 1810, and 1820 fedaral census records of Martic Township, Lancaster Pa.

[S37] Allie Beale D. Bowler presented much of this family history to Inez Daughtrey Hagen in 1959. It is being compiled and updated by Lindsey Bolling Hagen (son of Inez) during Xmas 1997. Allie lived at 2009 N. Kenmore St. in Arlington, VA in 1959.

[S38] of Holland, VA

[S39] never married

[S40] never married

[S41] ran a milliner store in Franklin, VA

[S42] also occasionally listed as Julianna

[S43] owned a large part of what is now New York City was in the Revoluntionary War. Family relations and dates came from Solomin King Family Bible from book Bible Recors of Nansemond Co. Va. VR929.3755 N158B

[S44] no brothers nor sisters

[S45] known as Cousin Puss

[S46] killed in Civil War

[S47] half sister to Christine Rawls

[S48] known as cousin Scrapp

[S49] Richard Daughtrey and his two brothers came over from England before the Revolutionary War. His brother, Edward, fought in the Revolutionary War and also in the war of 1812. His older brother Theopilus had two children, Soloman and Matthew; Soloman went out West and nothing more was heard of him. Matthew was well to do and he had two children; Harriet, who married Tom Jenkins and to which union two children were born: Tom and Pauline; Emmeline married Bill Allen but had no children.

[S50] in U. S. Navy during WWII - served on the air craft carriers: Antietam and Langley

[S51] named for Alvah's sister because she was the only Hagen nice to Alta when Alva and Alta went to live with the Hagen clan in Chester, VA in 1918(?). Edwin I lived with Edwin II and all children (Margaret, Mary, Helen, Lindsey, Jean) when Alvah came back to the house with a wife and child (conceived out of wedlock).

[S52] had stepped on a nail at Falling Creek, was in the hospital when a nurse dropped him. He died from complications from the fall.

[S53] 2918 Overton Rd. Richmond, VA 23228 as of 1992

[S54] Jean, free spirit, went to California to live.

[S55] A. L. Williamson, minister (Mary Lou Hagen Taylor tells me there is a Hagen Family Bible.)

[S56] named for a doctor who deliveried him

[S57] served in the Navy during WWII (he is listed in the 1920 Va. census at the U.S. Naval Supply Base at Norfolk, Va. A picture of nephew Paul Derald Hagen, circa 1918, wearing a Navy blouse and cap supposedly beloging to Edwin. I have no evidence at this time, June 2000, that Edwin served in WWI)

[S58] 3101 Nine Mile Rd

[S59] Edwin II was 5' 4'' The 1920 Va. census list Edward W. Hagen with son Edwin W. also list in Norfolk, Va. at the U. S. Naval Supply Base

[S60] Edwin I was 6' 3'' married to 5' 0'' Margaret Ann Pearson ...

[S61] Charles was 6' 3'' while his brother was 5' 4'' see 60 for details on parents. 1910 and 1920 Va. Census shows Charles L. Hagen from Pa. (wife Elizabeth P.) at the same age as Charles Hagen, son of Edwin I of Lancaster, Pa.

[S62] Alvah was 5' 6'' ... see 60 & 61 for comments about height of family members.

[S63] Lindsey lived at Arch & Portland Streets in 1908 in Mechanicsburg, PA awhile before moving to Hanover Co, VA then Bensley, Chesterfield Co, VA prior to WWI

[S64] Jasper

[S65] Kathryn

[S66] living at 21 E. Locust Street Mechanicsburg, PA Cumberland Co as of Jan 13, 1946

[S67] had a corn mill later called Jenkins Mill, see reference notes 49 and 12

[S68] was in the War of 1812

[S69] served in the Civil War in Nansemond Cavelry (13th Co J)

[S70] lived in Nansemond Co, VA as a farmer: 1850 Va Census


[S72] people pronounced his named Eley or Elee, but sometimes spelled it Eli according to his daughter Emily. 41st Va. Inf., Co. K - South Quay Guards Enlisted 8/1862

[S73] built a house on New Kent Road, in Richmond, VA



[S79] Henning Smith Doughtie 6th Virginia Infantry, Company E, 2nd Lt. Transferred to Capt. Grandy's Artillery Battalion. Doughtie was born in 1835, the son of William H. and Elizabeth Smith Doughtie. He married Sarah Norfleet (1840-1929). He died in 1910 and is buried at Liberty Springs Christian Church Cemetery. Cliff Hedgepeth- HENNING SMITH DOUGHTIE SARAH NORFLEET DOUGHTIE 1835 - 1910 1840 - 1929




[S83] Probate:9 JUN 1677; Isle of Wight Co., VA; Bk 2, pg. 146

[S84] John Hardy came from England to VA before 1666, and probably before 1654. He received a grant for 1150 acres in 1666 in Isle of Wight Co., VA.

[S85] 24th gen. desc. of Alfred 'The Great' 24th gen. desc. of Charlemagne

[S86] Special Research King-Porter-Rawls, Records for Mrs. Benjamin Watkins Rawls, Sr. July 1955. (Much from the Porter Family Bible. In every record as shown in the early copy of the Porter Bible, Barsheba King married Benjamin Porter, but in several cases the name Benjamin is crossed out and the name John written in. This write-in is in a different handwritting and no reference is given as to why the change.) It appears that John and Benjamin were brothers, sons of John Porter III and Betty Denson. John IV born Aug 2, 1752-died March 18, 1817, Benjamin born March 4, 1759-died Nov 21, 1841. Benjamin went from Lt to Capt to Major in the Continental Army. He served in Capt Taylor's Co. of the 2nd batallion of the forces in Continental Service commanded by Col. William Woodford (1775-1776 and 4 more years). Benjamin sold the land due for his service in the Continental Army (5555 2/3 acres in Virginia) to Matthew and John Hobson in June 1816 while he was in Georgia. The transaction was completed by June 1820. Notes on above papers by Ethel Daughtrey Ellis: Mrs. Adelaid Rawls Flippen says (ca. 1955) her father, Dr. Benjamin Rawls Sr. lent (sent) the Porter family bible to a Mr. Porter in New York years ago (when she was a child) and the New York Porter refused to send it back. She thinks her father had a copy made of it before sending it to New York but has no idea where it might be.

[S87] Census Census Pittsylvania Co., Va 1850 Microfilm

[S88] Book Death Records 1850-1890 Pittsylvania Co., Va

[S89] Web Site Don Booker This is the start of the Bookers of Petsworth Parrish, Essex Co., Va. July 14, 1999 See links from James Booker for relationship to Mary Lou Adkins Hagen

[S90] Book Ronnie Adkins

[S91] Web Site Lionel Adkins, 2568 Blue Ball Road, Elkton, MD 21921; (410) 398-5509;; 1997 Sept 1999

[S92] Marty Mason 3313 Dana Drive, Minnetonka, Minnesota, 55305;

[S93] Teresa V. Helton Garcia; 1998

[S94] Cyndie King PO Box 612 Hoxie, KS 67740;; 1996

[S95] Mary Louise Hagen Taylor sent to Bo Hagen in October 1999 family information regarding the Hagen family ancestors of Edwin Walter Hagen II. Mary Lou indicates Edwin Waters (b 1854) was his real name. Edwin Waters is the name listed on burial papers at Riverview Cemetary. Since Edwin II burial papers list him as Edwin Jr. I believe the Waters is a mistake or a family feud between the two Edwins caused Edwin I to change the Walter. Whatever the real story, I (Bo Hagen) believe Edwin I to be Edwin Walter Hagen I. WFT indicates his name was Edward (see source 106). My (Bo Hagen) research shows Edwin lived or worked at 44 Water Street in Lancaster, Pa for J. F. Eby.

[S96] Census Census Pennsylvania 1860

[S97] Census Census Pennsylvania 1870

[S98] Vital Record Death Certificate, Edwin Waters Hagen

[S99] Census Pennsylvania Census Lancaster, Pennsylvania

[S100] Web Site also MacInturff gedcom Latas Genealogy, Latas.ged, 2 Apr 1998 [via Family Origins] Spease, Rachel Keller, "A Keller History: Descendants of Hans Jacob Keller and Elizabeth Keller of the Cocalico Valley" March, 1998

[S101] Book

[S102] Web Site Drp Family Tree (

[S103] Web Site

[S104] E-Mail Message Velma Shaw Beale Nov 1999

[S105] Gedcom File from Jan 2000

[S106] CD ROM World Family Tree Bo(lling) Hagen using Family Tree Maker Software This WFT ancestry tree indicates Edward Waters Hagen (b 1852, Mary Louise Hagen has 1854) had sons Edwin Walter and Edwin Waters with Edwin Walter's sons Alva and Charles P. I believe these two Edwins are the same person and have thus merged these to create the ancestry tree. WFT also has Edward Waters father as Alva (no dates) while Mary Louise has Levi. I will note the father as Levi (Alva) Hagen as of January 15, 2000.

[S107] Vital Record Pension Application for Disabled Cofederate Soldier July 10, 1926 research by Bo Hagen Jan. 22, 2000

[S108] CD ROM World Family Tree Bo(lling) Hagen using Family Tree Maker Software This WFT (Vol. 2) ancestry tree indicates Samuel Shirk's wife is Susan Mohler while Vol. 3 indicates his wife as Mary Yocum. I will use both. Bo Hagen as of January 23, 2000.

[S109] E-Mail Message Brenda Kay Myers Jan 8, 2000

[S110] Notes by Harry T. Adkins, Green Berry Adkins' grandson presented to his brother Ben Adkins who did some additional research ca 1975.

[S111] Book Paul C. Bennetch of Denver Pa.


[S113] Web Site

[S114] Vital Record Certificate of Death for Robert Rawls Dec 15, 1920 Soutnhampton Co., Town of Franklin, Va.

[S115] Letter Letter to Ethel Daughtrey Ellis from Robert Bruce Johnson March 1972

[S116] Web Site Garrett Family June 2000

[S117] Family Bible Garrett Family Bible I am told Clara Garrett has the bible.

[S118] Will Will Book 30

[S119] Web Site Velma Beale Beale Family July 3, 2000

[S120] Census Virginia Census Nansemond Co. 1860 Microfilm Page 639

[S121] Census North Carolina Census Gates County 1850 microfilm

[S122] Book

[S123] Census Pennsylvania Census Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., Ward 3, page4-5 1910 Microfilm/Web

[S127] Newspaper Death Notice Lancaster, Pa. Sept. 30, 1889 Actual Paper

[S128] E-Mail Message Tom Wortham May 28, 2001

[S129] Web Site Bruce Saunders with confirmation by Brenda Myers, granddaughter of Ruth Knight Daughtrey September 2001

[S130] E-Mail Message Brenda Myers, granddaughter of Ruth Knight Daughtrey Sept. 2001

[S131] Census Census Pennsylvania, Phoenixville, Chester Co. 1850 Page 082

[S132] Vital Record Lancaster Will Book May 7, 1841 Lancaster Co., Pa.

[S133] Census Census Pennsylvania, Lancaster Co., Martic Township 1850 pages 128-132/images 48-54

[S134] Web Site James C. Hankins Early Southside Virginia Families Spring 2002

[S135] Book sketch on Samual Alexander

[S136] Interview Leo McMahon (son) Nov. 24, 2002 Bo Hagen Salem, Va.

[S137] Census Fed. Virgina Henry (Breckinridge P.O.) 1860

[S138] Census Fed. Virginia Henry Co. 1850

[S139] Web Site LDS Personal Ancestral File (search on Charlie Belcher) BELCHER.ged Dec. 6, 2002

[S140] Vital Record Civil War Pension Records Dec. 2002

[S141] E-Mail Message Elizabeth Doughtie Walker after visit to my web site ( Nov. 5, 2002

[S142] Census Federal Census New York City/Manhattan/District 878 1930

[S143] Web Site Ellis Island Web Site Dec. 28, 2002

[S144] Web Site New York County Supreme Court Naturalization Petition Index, 1907-1924 Dec. 28, 2002

[S145] Census Federal Census Virginia, Northumberland Co., ED 97, Visit 11 1910

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